September 9th, 2017 - Brian Maguire

A whole-foods, pH balancing, anti-inflammatory diet (rich in vegetables, greens, and some fruits), high quality supplementation, detoxification, and emotional/spiritual balance are key to preventing and curing diseases like cancer. As you know, cancer cells thrive in low oxygen, acidic environments. So ideally, you want to consume foods that promote pH optimization and flood the blood and tissues with much needed available oxygen.

With most cancers (especially solid tumors), the majority of the diet should consist of HIGH alkaline forming foods and liquids to balance out an already highly acid environment. Proper hydration is also essential for normal cellular respiration and optimal pH. If you have cancer, low sugar fruits like alkalizing lemons and anthocyanin filled berries may be best, as cancer cells thrive on sugar (having 10x the amount of insulin receptor sites than normal cells), hogging up available glucose to thrive! Avoiding things like added and refined sugars, processed foods, refined vegetable oils, and most conventional/commercial foods is always highly recommended for obvious reasons.

Some practitioners recommend being on a super low sugar ketogenic diet, which can be a very successful approach in treating cancer as long as the diet contains a high amount of alkaline forming foods. This approach may not be so beneficial in the long term but a low sugar diet will starve the cancer. Others suggest high veggie and low-moderate fruit consumption, and yet some others steer towards an even higher carbohydrate diet. Some alternative practitioners have different approaches for various types of cancers and genetic backgrounds. Some believe that certain blood cancers (like leukemia) may require more fats and some acid forming animal proteins (like liver or liver supplements) to build the blood. At the same time, the famous Gerson therapy relies on raw juices and high alkaline foods to eradicate blood and all forms of cancer!

Interviewed in the 2015 documentary-series The Truth About Cancer, Dr. Patrick Vickers, D.C., founder of the Northern Baja Gerson Center made this statement:

When these fruit and vegetable juices break down in the body they form potassium hydroxide. Chemically written hydroxide is OH-. (oxygen, hydrogen, negative charge) What’s hydrogen? The acidic nature of hydrogen is a positively charged hydrogen ion H+. IMAGINE what happens when that juice breaks down into hydroxyl ions OH- and reacts with the positively charged hydrogen ion? That reaction forms water. Water is neutral, you neutralize that acidity, and you have now changed the charge at the center of the cell membrane, and you have now just allowed your body to properly oxygenate tissues, making the sugars in these fruit and vegetable juices able to be converted to massive amounts of energy. That is what ultimately fires up the immune system. At the same time the hydration is flushing the toxins out of the cells!

Although most people tend to be more acidic (especially those with active cancer), no matter what the approach, pH levels MUST be in balance! If the approach you decide to use is not producing adequate results then you may need to tweak it – but never give up! Treating cancer can be far more challenging than preventing cancer, but very doable through natural means. While there are many consistencies (like following a pH balancing anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle), treating cancer can require more target specific supplementation, dramatic changes in diet, mega doses of nutrition, and various other holistic protocols. Some protocols are more expensive, while others are extremely cheap, both producing remarkable results in many cases.

For everything to do with disease PREVENTION, please visit Solutions to Maintaining Balanced pH Levels! Many guidelines for preventing cancer can be used for treating cancer as well, but as previously stated there are many additional eliminations and protocols that may be required.

Balancing pH levels is imperative for preventing or eradicating diseases like cancer. Although there are many consistencies, certain protocols and specific dietary strategies can vary somewhat, depending on the individual as well as the type and stage of the cancer. There are MANY different dietary, supplemental, and lifestyle protocols you can explore. If you are able to, I would highly recommend working with a naturopath or holistic practitioner that has experience with treating cancer. If financial instability is an issue there are many protocols you can follow on your own, as well as numerous success stories to inspire your successful results!

Natural therapies are ridiculously safer and far more effective than conventional. Many naturopathic practitioners have over a 90% success rate in treating cancer, and countless individuals are treating their own cancers through natural means with much success!!

HERE IS A PLETHORA OF RESOURCES that provide incredible life-saving information, various natural cancer treatments and protocols, and plenty of anecdotal evidence and success stories from people who have been cured of cancer through natural means! Wishing you the BEST on your personal journey healing from cancer!

Johanna Budwig of Germany, and creator of The Budwig Protocol, was Dr. Warburg’s protégé in 1951. Over a 50-year period, Johanna Budwig had a 90% plus cancer CURE rate in Germany, with a total of 4500 patients which was medically documented. Not too shabby! Considering how powerful and life-saving this information is, how could it be overlooked or even worse purposely ignored for decades?!

Here is a link to the official Budwig website offering various programs, therapies, and testimonials-

Read Dr. Coldwell’s book ‘The Only Answer to Cancer’. Dr. Leonard Coldwell is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine who has a PhD. in Psychology. A native of Germany, Dr. Coldwell has been a natural health practitioner for the past 35 years. His specialty is cancer and stress-related illness. He believes in alternative Medicine, diet and nutrition, proper PH, mind body connection, fitness and health for all diseases. He is the founder of the Modern Therapy Centers and the Foundation for Crime and Drug Free Schools and Health for Children. He is also President of the World Wellness Organization. Dr. Coldwell lectures all over the world. Dr. Coldwell cured his own mother from terminal cancer. His CURING rate for so-called incurable diseases in Europe is legendary! Dr. Coldwell has a proven 92.3% cancer cure rate with his patients!

Dr. Coldwell proclaims:

In my time I have seen over 35,000 patients and have had over 2.2 million seminar attendees that have written to me, sending in their comments and life stories. I have over 7 million readers of my newsletters and reports. I am the doctor that has, in the opinion of leading experts, the highest cancer cure rate in the world. In fact, I am convinced I could cure at least 90% of all cancer patients if I had the legal platform to work with these people the ‘Dr. Coldwell Way.’ As long as the patient is willing and still able to do whatever it takes and has no surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, there is no reason cancer cannot be cured in MOST people.

I am sure I could cure them within weeks or a few months. But since the law and those who make money from your suffering and even death, don’t allow me to treat you the way I know would produce results, I legally cannot even tell you what to do or not to do. That’s how the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry protects their Trillion Dollar Cancer Industry. They “make politicians install laws that kill citizens or at least make them sick, and laws that make sure they cannot be cured. They can only be treated to more illness and eventually death by the medical profession with toxic, dangerous and murderous treatments.

Every cancer researcher is aware that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. If a cancer tumor is placed in a beaker with an alkaline media, like baking soda for example, the cancer will die in 3 hours. Small increases of 1/10 to 2/10 in pH can mean an incredible 10 to 20 times more tissue oxygen availability. Furthermore, if the pH of the urine falls from an optimal pH (6.4 to7.0) into a more acidic pH (below 6.4), there will be less oxygen available to the body’s tissues increasing the risk for cancer initiation and progression.

Following years of research at Arizona State University, Dr. Robert J. Gillies and his colleagues found that pretreatment of mice with baking soda results in the alkalization of the area around tumors. Additionally, researchers proclaimed that bicarbonate increases tumor pH while inhibiting spontaneous metastases in mice with breast cancer.  (9)

In a research article published in 2009 in the AARC Journals researchers showed that oral NaHCO3 (baking soda) selectively increased the pH of tumors and reduced the formation of spontaneous metastases in mouse models of metastatic breast cancer. See proof with images.

Dr. Mark Sircus, the Director of the International Medical Veritas Association, in his book, Sodium Bicarbonate – Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment, fully explained the link between cancer and pH as well as the use of baking soda as an anticancer agent.

In this incredible book, he described how one patient used baking soda and blackstrap molasses to CONQUER prostate cancer that had metastasized to his bones. “On the first day, the patient mixed 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 teaspoon of molasses in a cup of water.

He took this for another 3 days after which his saliva pH read 7.0 and his urine pH read 7.5.

Encouraged by these results, the patient took the solution 2 times on day 5 instead of once daily. And from day 6 – 10, he took 2 teaspoons each of baking soda and molasses twice daily.

By the 10th day, the patient’s pH had risen to 8.5 and the only side effects experienced were headaches and night sweat (similar to cesium therapy).

The next day, the patient had a bone scan and too other medical tests. His results showed that his PSA (prostate-specific antigen, the protein used to determine the severity of prostate enlargement and prostate cancer) level was down from 22.3 at the point of diagnosis to 0.1.”

Dr. Tullio Simoncini, an Italian oncologist, regularly treats his cancer patients with baking soda. Although Dr. Simoncini believes oral sodium bicarbonate is most appropriate for cancers affecting the digestive tract, he claims that intravenous and aerosol delivery of sodium bicarbonate are effective in treatment of breast and prostate cancers as well as other types of cancer (except for brain cancer). He believes that fungus like candida is the cause of cancer, which only can proliferate when pH levels are imbalanced. This is his official website:  Dr. Simoncini’s full interview about cancer and baking soda is on his website, along with plenty of other valuable life-saving information!  -This site contains many success stories of individuals that were diagnosed with various types of cancer at different stages that healed themselves using baking soda and other pH balancing protocols!

Ty Bollinger, author of The Truth about Cancer, traveled the globe to interview 100+ alternative doctors, scientists and cancer survivors who have all come together to show everyone how to help the body to prevent and heal cancer. This OUTRAGEOUS, extremely informative 9-part docu-series called The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest can be seen for FREE when you go here: – This website is a cumulative product of cancer researchers and affiliates of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. (ICRF). The ICRF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization, headquartered in Nevada, USA. It was founded by R. Webster Kehr in 2006 to RESEARCH AND REPORT ON THE MOST EFFECTIVE NATURAL CANCER TREATMENTS AVAILABLE. From its first online article in 2003 to now reaching more than 20,000 daily visitors, Cancer Tutor has become a lifeline for countless patients, practitioners, and researchers worldwide. Cancer Tutor is at the forefront of a movement where people are taking back their right to treat cancer on their terms — without relying solely on chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. This website has the largest online database of cancer clinics-

Chris Wark, now father, blogger, health coach, and public speaker, was diagnosed with Stage IIIc colon cancer at age 26. Chris worked diligently to make dramatic changes to his diet and lifestyle, allowing his body to heal itself from cancer NATURALLY! If you’re trying to heal, prevent a recurrence, or just want to be proactive to reduce your risk of ever developing cancer, SQUARE ONE is for you. SQUARE ONE is your step-by-step action plan that will give you a road map to transform your life and start your healing adventure. Chris is offering you module 1 of The Square One-healing cancer coaching program FREE! Here is the link and what you can expect to learn:

– What cancer really is

– The two most important questions you must ask yourself

– The Beat Cancer Mindset

– How to overcome fear

– How to build a support system

– The importance of making plans for the future

– How to enjoy your life and your healing journey


“Turns out there was a golf ball-sized tumor in my large intestine.” “I radically changed my diet to 100 per cent raw vegan, eating only fruits and vegetables, and drank eight glasses of vegetable juice every day.” (alkaline forming diet)-Chris Wark

“Janette Murray-Wakelin is one of the most remarkable cancer survivors I have interviewed. In 2001, she refused conventional treatment and healed aggressive breast cancer with a raw food diet.” (alkaline forming diet)-Chris Wark

David refused chemo and healed leukemia naturally balancing pH with an 80% raw plant-based diet along with other protocols and lifestyle changes! (alkaline forming diet)-Chris Wark

Earnie healed leukemia & brain cancer with veggies & vitamins! (alkaline forming diet)-Chris Wark

For many more cancer survivor stories, please visit Chris Wark’s website:

Here is some more anecdotal evidence from Jonathan Chamberlain’s ‘Cancer Survivor Stories’ 

In September 2003 Felicity Corbin-Wheeler was diagnosed with untreatable pancreatic cancer. She did a few therapies including coffee enemas, B17 (laetrile), DMSO, and Vitamin C.  “I also went on a diet of living foods, fresh vegetable juices including wheat and barley grass and detoxed from animal protein, dairy, fats and flour.” (alkaline forming diet)

God’s Way to Ultimate Health by George Malkmus, “detailed how he beat colon cancer nearly 30 years earlier using natural methods including the raw vegan diet and juicing, and without surgery or chemotherapy.” (alkaline forming diet)

“I found a lump near my collar bone which turned out to be the cervical cancer that had metastasized to my lymph nodes around my neck. As the cancer was systemic throughout my lymph system, I was told that the cancer was now deemed ‘incurable’” This was after Polly Noble had gotten cervical cancer and went through chemo and radiation mind you. converted to a plant-based raw food diet overnight, with plenty of fresh juices, meditation, visualization and yoga making the foundations of my healing plan. I made it my full-time job to create a sacred space to aid healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. (alkaline forming diet and lifestyle) I have my blood tests and I am told they ‘look good’. “I now work as a holistic health coach and raw food coach, educating others on how to adopt an anti-inflammatory, alkaline diet.”

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Defeated with PH Balance and Nutritional Therapy– two documented cases of men who have beat the odds and defeated their CLL by means of mercury amalgam and root canal removal, nutritional therapy, and pH balance.

Go here for well backed scientific theories and studies supporting acid/alkaline balance- link to more proof of pH balancing

Dr. Kelley and Dr. Gonzalez use a more radical approach to treating cancer and disease that employs metabolic typing. Metabolic typing is more involved, using a more target specific protocol to balance pH levels that is more individualized based on metabolic type. If I had cancer I would probably go with more of a Gerson style or Budwig vegetarian approach. If for some reason I wasn’t getting results, I would then go for something more extreme. I will add that both of these doctors are highly intelligent and well worth researching!

Dr. William Donald Kelley, a dentist by training, developed a complex approach to treating many chronic and degenerative diseases, including cancer. Dr. Kelley “contended his cancer protocol had a 93 percent cure rate on newly diagnosed cancer patients, even including pancreatic cancer and liver cancer. How could it be that successful? The Kelley enzymes strip the unique protein coating off of cancer cells, so the immune system can identify and kill the cancer cells.”

The diets Dr. Kelley prescribed ranged from largely plant-based high-carb to an Atkins-like diet (ketogenic), with patients prescribed fatty meat several times daily. In general, Kelley believed patients diagnosed with the typical solid tumors – cancers of the breast, lung, stomach, pancreas, colon, liver, uterus, ovary, prostate – did best adhering to a plant-based, high carb type diet, low in animal protein and animal fat.

Patients diagnosed with the immune based “blood cancers” like leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma, as well as the sarcomas, a type of connective tissue malignancy, required a lower carb, high animal fat, moderate animal protein diet. Other patients, usually with problems other than cancer, thrived on a more “balanced” diet, incorporating a variety of plant and animal food. But all his patients ate some carbs in the form of fruit and carrot juice, the amounts allowed varying according to the underlying metabolic makeup. All this resonated with me, having studied the work of Weston Price so intently.

“Dr. Kelley and his practitioners treated more 33,000 patients, claiming a 93 percent success rate for those who came to him first — NOT after chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. For those with a predicted life expectancy of about three months, he said that a well-designed nutritional program would yield “slightly better than a 50-50 chance of survival.” For those with a very advanced disease, given less than three months to live, he claimed a success rate between 25 and 35 percent.” The conventional medical system, threatened by the truth, of course tried to discredit his work, but we know how biased and indoctrinated this broken system is, being directly associated with the corrupt pharmaceutical industry that puts profits over human life!  Here is a free copy of Dr. Kelley’s book One Answer to Cancer-

Here are a few different websites with Dr. Kelley’s protocol,P.htm ,

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, a graduate of Cornell University Medical School, was a New York City physician who treated cancer patients in advanced or terminal stages using a modified version of the Kelley program. Gonzalez’s protocol is based on the belief that pancreatic enzymes are the body’s main defense against cancer and can be used as a treatment. Dr. Gonzalez’s book One Man Alone covers many of the worst Stage IV cancer patients Dr. Kelley helped cure with his program. The five years of study of the Dr. Kelley program convinced Dr. Gonzalez to follow the lead of Dr. Kelley, who died on Jan. 30, 2005. Dr. Gonzalez received his medical degree from Cornell University Medical College in 1983. During a post graduate immunology fellowship under Dr. Robert A. Good, considered the father of immunology, he completed a research study evaluating an aggressive nutritional therapy in the treatment of advanced cancer. In private practice in New York City from 1987, Dr. Gonzalez treated patients diagnosed with cancer and other serious degenerative illnesses.