September 7th, 2017 - Brian Maguire

In 1964 only 1 in 214 developed cancer. Despite the fact that trillions of dollars have been dumped into cancer research, these figures have risen exponentially! Cancer is certainly on the rise these days with 1 out of 2 men and 2 out of 3 women developing the disease in their lifetime. Almost 600,000 Americans will die from cancer this year. Despite these ridiculous numbers, the conventional medical industry makes claims that we are advancing in the war against cancer, which is utter nonsense!

Even though oncologists have acquired various new chemo drugs and gene therapies, the scary truth is that overall cancer remission rates have not changed significantly since the 1950s for MOST cancers. Not only that, but there has been a sharp rise in prostate, breast, colon, and rectal cancer in young adults, and childhood cancers have gone up 27% since 1975, according to the National Cancer Institute.

According to the industries responsible for providing cancer treatment information to the public (Big Pharma, the American Cancer Society, The Center for Disease Control (CDC), the American Medical Association, the National Cancer Institutes (NCI), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)), surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and gene therapy should be the only therapies used to treat cancer. These deceptive agencies claim that any other treatments outside the “standard of care” are non-effective or quackery, when quite the OPPOSITE is true!


Acidic, inflamed tissues and fluids are associated with most ALL disease and can be DIRECTLY correlated to cancer, especially solid tumors. As you know, the blood’s pH must be slightly alkaline, optimally between 7.36 – 7.45.  When the blood pH gets too low the body’s protective mechanisms will escort the excessive acids into the tissues and interstitial fluids to avoid clinical complications or death. Unlike the blood, the pH of the cellular tissues and interstitial fluids (tissue fluids that form lymph) can drop significantly resulting from environmental toxicity and poor diet and lifestyle habits. Tissue pH can consistently fall to 6.0, 5.7, or lower, leading to a crapshoot of degenerative conditions when ignored. In terminal cancer patients, this number can drop to as LOW as 4.5, due to excessive lactic acid accumulation.

This may come as a big surprise to you, but it is very normal to have cancer cells in the body. In fact, EVERY single human being existing on this planet has cancer. We have trillions of cells in the body constantly dividing. So, when an error occurs in this process, cells can mutate, forming thousands of microscopic cancer cells or more daily! Luckily, individuals with robust immune systems are capable of fighting off and destroying those unstable abnormal cells, so they cannot replicate and grow. A healthy body cures ITSELF of cancer on a daily basis. The goal is to keep your cells full of oxygen and thriving in a pH balanced environment. This healthy, balanced, internal setting deters the creation and/or spread of abnormal cells and disease.

A cancer diagnosis is NOT a matter of bad luck or chance (like most have falsely been taught). There are many factors responsible for the dramatic increase in cancer diagnosis, and it’s certainly not a deficiency in chemo drugs and radiation, or genetics. Poor diets high in toxic processed foods, oxidized vegetable oils, dyes and synthetic preservatives, sedentary living, incessant unmanaged ill-perceived stress, environmental toxins and pollutants, GMO’s, pesticides, chemical sunscreens, excess alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, excessive unprotected sun exposure in a toxic body, EMF radiation, cigarette smoke, microbes, parasites, mold, fungus, pathogenic bacteria and viruses, vaccines, and repressed toxic negative emotions (anger, hate, resentment, and/or grief) leading to chronic internal stress, are ALL major contributors to this insidious disease. All of these factors contribute to a toxic, inflammatory, acidic environment with the potential for mitochondrial and DNA damage. 

The World Cancer Research Fund along with the American Institute for Cancer Research, in their latest 500+ pages, concluded that 90 to 95% of all cancers are nutrition, lifestyle and environmentally induced! They highlighted important points to consider that help PREVENT cancer: breastfeeding children, keeping body fat within healthy ranges, exercising daily, eating a great percentage of nutrient-dense foods from plant sources, limiting high acid forming foods (processed, sugary and/or salty foods, red meat consumption, coffee, alcohol, and avoiding processed meats), and limiting exposure to environmental toxins. This report implies that you have FAR greater control over cancer than once thought!

Contrary to popular belief, genetic mutations are not what CAUSE cancer to initiate. Instead, it has been found that cancer is the result of cellular energy deficiency, or mitochondrial dysfunction. Damage to the mitochondria happens first, then genomic instability, and then mutations of DNA. Even if the nuclear mutation did come first, the mutation would cause the cell to lose communication with the mitochondria forcing the cell into anaerobic fermentation to survive.

This theory was PROVEN by Barbara Israel and Warren Schaeffer at UVM back in 1987 and of course IGNORED by the greedy corrupt conventional medical industry to protect PROFITS! In the experiment they swapped nuclei between two cells, one normal cell and one that was malignant. They then took the mutated DNA out of a cancer cell and put it in a normal cell to see if it became malignant. Then they took the non-mutated DNA out of a normal cell and put it in a cancer cell to see if the cell was saved and restored to a normal cell. The cell with normal cytoplasm containing the mitochondria and cancerous nucleus was found to be NORMAL, while the cell with normal nucleus and cancerous cytoplasm was cancerous proving healthy mitochondrial function will reverse the mutation in the nucleus! Cancer is an energy deficiency disorder!

Although it is said that 5-10% of all cancers are found to be hereditary in nature, these mutations are NOT a death sentence as conventional medicine would have you believe. The growing field of epigenetics explains how environmental toxic exposure, diet, thoughts, and behavioral influences can actually flip off tumor suppressive genes that protect you from cancer initiation. They can also turn on the genes that keep you protected from cancer and other diseases. So, we are NOT a victim of our genes after all. It’s not a roll of the dice like we were led to believe!

Authors of a 2014 review “The Role of the Mitochondria in Cancer and Other Diseases” at the Riordan Clinic made this statement, “Our experience has revealed that conventional oncology believes that a significant proportion of cancers are the result of genetics, yet recent statistics inform us that genetics play a role in only 5% of cases. We now know that mitochondrial activity/ function determines whether oncogenes get “switched on” or “off;” an alkaline diet appears to help keep these genes under control.(1)


When the body’s tissues and fluids become acidic and inflamed, the cellular membrane is at risk of damage. The cell membrane acts like a security guard. It allows oxygen and nutrients to enter the cell (while keeping harmful substances out) and permits the proper removal of metabolic waste from normal cell function. If the fluid outside the cells becomes saturated with acid waste and inflammation from free radical debris, environmental toxins, emotional stress, improper diet, and lack of exercise, then the cell membrane’s efficiency is limited. Membrane walls then become tough and rigid, as opposed to smooth and flexible. Consequently, cellular function and respiration are disrupted, depriving the cells of oxygen and nutrients, thus preventing metabolic waste from exiting cells properly. When the cell membrane is compromised the cells mitochondria and DNA are at risk!

The mitochondria are the energy furnaces of the cell, and when acidic, inflammatory, low oxygen conditions are present, their production is diminished. The aerobic energy that normal healthy cells thrive on is manufactured in the mitochondria of the cell. Just like you and I need to take in oxygen and ingest food to survive, your cells also need to respirate and require nutrients from the food you eat to endure. Normal cellular respiration is a metabolic process that takes place mostly in the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the powerhouses or “furnaces” of the cell, where energy is produced, using ATP (adenosine triphosphate) as its currency.

ATP is necessary to carry out all cellular biological processes. In order for the mitochondria to maximize ATP production, oxygen, enzymes, and other nutrient complexes are required. A fire needs oxygen to thrive, something to burn (like kindling wood) and something to ignite the kindling. Think of ATP as the kindling. In order to ignite the kindling, not only do you need oxygen, you also need sparks. So just like a fire needs wood and oxygen to keep burning, ATP needs certain nutrients as well as oxygen to be manufactured at peak levels, to maximize cellular energy production. A fire with limited oxygen and wood will starve and smolder, just as mitochondria deficient in oxygen and ATP will die prematurely, burn slowly, and produce much less energy.

Healthy cells have a normal membrane potential of -85 mV (millivolt- the measurement of electrical potential across the cell membrane) required for aerobic life, which allows for the normal continuance of all biochemical cell reactions in the body. If this normal cell membrane potential of -85mV decreases, metabolic cellular functioning is compromised. As a result, cells cannot accept nutrients or expel waste efficiently, and oxygen levels become depleted.

Doctor, biochemist, and Nobel Prize winning Laureate Otto Warburg once stated, “cells maintain a voltage across their membrane which is analogous to the voltage of a battery.” He found that cellular voltage drops as a result of overwhelming modern daily stressors, a toxic environment, and a more rapid aging process. So, when your cells are running on low energy, at first it may result in joint pain, fatigue, poor digestion, and/or brain fog. Then eventually this poorly circulating environment can lead to chronic degenerative diseases like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, and yes – cancer. It has been found that cancer cells have a VERY low cell membrane potential of -20mV to -30 mV compared to a normal cell. In this low oxygen, inflamed, free radical filled environment, cells will start to degenerate and eventually the cell will prematurely die, or even worse survive and grow abnormally, just like a cancer cell does. On a cellular level, health maintenance is a metabolic energy game, no doubt about it!

Had this vital theory originating back in 1924 by Dr. Warburg NOT been suppressed by the profit driven, corrupt, sadistic pharmaceutical industry that controls the entire conventional medical system, COUNTLESS individuals would have been spared from the torment, suffering, and death that accompanies conventional cancer treatments!


Cancer can and often does take many years to develop. Overtime, as the cellular environment becomes more acidic due to poor diet and lifestyle choices, emotional distress, and toxic buildup, mitochondria become damaged, and cellular energy diminishes. Some cells will die prematurely from low oxygen and/or high acid conditions, producing more acid waste. Yet still, other cells can continue to divide, grow, and then adapt to the acidic environment, becoming abnormal or atypical. With the low amounts of oxygen that are seen with continuous acid buildup and inflammation, cells must turn to fermentation for energy. This low energy inefficient state can lead to various disease states, often times transforming healthy cells into cancer cells! Cancer can form when there is an uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells.

Malignant or cancerous cells differ from healthy cells. They do not match the DNA code of normal cells, and the brain cannot communicate with them. This allows them to continue to reproduce uncontrollably. These acidic cancer cells survive anaerobically, meaning they obtain their energy without the presence of oxygen. They ferment glucose for energy and growth, thus creating more acidity and inflammation from lactic acid byproducts and toxic buildup. Most times, the body protects itself by forming a tumor in order to isolate the cancer cells from the rest of the body.

When the balance of cell growth and death is disrupted, and cells do not die a natural death (apoptosis), damaged, dead, new, and mutated cells can bunch together and form a tumor. Keep in mind that not ALL abnormal cell growth will result in cancer. The cells can be benign, meaning noncancerous and not metastasizing, or they can be malignant, meaning cancerous and capable of spreading.  Benign tumors do not spread, although they can cause serious complications if in the brain or pressing on blood vessels, or nerves. If malignant, the tumor can eventually metastasize and spread to other parts of the body. The propagation of cancerous cells ACIDIFIES the body further and makes alkalizing the body back to normal healthy levels much more difficult.

A tumor is merely another one of the body’s protective mechanisms, doing its job to keep cancer cells in one place. Just like most every disease, tumors can be seen as a symptom of acidosis and inflammation. In the eyes of conventional medicine, you must attack the cancer regardless of what caused it, or how it materialized in the first place. However, if you don’t know what caused it, how can you successfully treat it, cure it, and prevent it from returning? It does not require a dozen years of intensive education to identify the major flaws in conventional medicine. Holistically, you can see right through this narrow-minded thought process. Maybe you should work to get rid of the acid that feeds the cancer and take a look at what caused the acidic inflammatory cellular environment in the first place. YOU THINK!?

Being that excessive acidity and inflammation are known to appear at the onset of most all chronic disease (of course, including cancer), and all general infections, it is more than apparent that acidosis could never be a coincidental symptom of most unrelated diseases. Along with its kissing cousin, inflammation, it is at the root or underlying cause of disease. The orthodox establishment considers acidosis to be a symptom of cancer or whatever disease happens to manifest, instead of realizing that acidosis is the underlying or root cause of most ALL disease states. It is this inconceivable, fundamental misunderstanding of the pathology of disease that prevents success in curing cancers and other diseases allopathically.



Blood with a pH of 7.45 (which is an ideal setting for a healthy internal environment), contains a whopping 64.9% more oxygen than blood with a pH of 7.3. As mentioned, terminal cancer patients can have a tissue pH from 4.0 to 5.0, and even lower with metastasized cancer. Their pH can be 500-1000 times more acidic than that of healthy individuals! Just like acid rain destroys a lake, leaving the fish gasping for air as they slowly die from lack of available oxygen, the human body succumbs to similar consequences due to high acidity. However, when the acidity of the lake is lowered, oxygen then becomes available, pH levels become normalized, and everything in the water begins to thrive! Same holds true for the human body. The lack of oxygen deteriorates the body and manifests diseases like cancer, often resulting in premature death.

When pH balance is compromised, the body can no longer absorb oxygen efficiently.

Poor oxygenation can result from an accumulation of carcinogens and other toxins in and around cells, which blocks and then damages the cellular oxygen respiration mechanism. When fluids are acidic, red blood cells clump up and restrict flow into capillaries, limiting oxygenation. An imbalance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 essential fatty acids also disrupts cellular oxygen exchange. When the body becomes too acidic and inflamed from poor diet and lifestyle choices and toxicity, the immune system becomes suppressed. The immune system is the CORE of life itself.

Keith Brewer, PhD (physicist) performed experiments on the relationship between energized, oxygenated cell membranes and elemental uptake vs. cellular membranes in a low energy state, like when cancer cells manifest. He wrote a great deal of analysis on the cellular processes of cancer cells and the changes in metabolism instigated by the lack of or presence of oxygen, in combination with other elements (particularly alkaline minerals potassium and calcium). Dr. Brewer found that cancer cells share one common characteristic, no matter what form of cancer:  they have lost their pH control mechanism!

Brewer concluded that by changing the pH of cancer cells to become alkaline (above 7.5), they will cease to function, as they require an acidic, anaerobic environment to thrive. Therefore, he proposed that cancer cells will die in an alkaline, oxygenated environment.

Here is an EYE OPENER for you. Along with being awarded two Nobel prizes by 1944, as well as over forty-six nominations, Dr. Otto Warburg determined that cancer is caused by weakened cell respiration due to insufficient oxygen at the cellular level. He showed how cancer thrives in low oxygen, anaerobic, acidic conditions! Dating back to the early 1900s, Doctor Warburg proved through scientific study that cancer cells multiply in low-oxygen, acidic environments and no longer exist in alkaline, high-oxygen environments. He found that abnormal or cancer cells maintain a low energy, low pH resulting from an increase of lactic acid production and CO2, fermenting sugars for energy. In one of his most famous speeches Warburg stated: “…nobody today can say that one does not know what cancer and its prime cause is. On the contrary, there is no disease whose prime cause is better known, so that today IGNORANCE is no longer an excuse that one cannot do more about prevention.”

“The high level of extracellular acidity around the tumor is one of the chief driving forces behind the metastasis of cancer tumors.” -Dr. Leonard Coldwell

For a century now, the correlation between excess acidity, low oxygen, fermentative metabolism, and cancer has been accentuated. Here are some epic studies to back this well supported theory:

Authors of this 1989 PubMed study conclude that human malignancies are associated with severe tissue acidosis accompanied by low oxygen, poor nutrient flow, mitochondrial dysfunction, and the resultant cellular energy deprivation. (2)

In a 2002 PubMed study, researchers demonstrated that low oxygen, high CO2, in addition to lactic acid, was a significant source of acidity in tumors as well as relying on glutamine to generate ATP and lactate. (2)

In an extremely informative 2013 PubMed study, researchers found that the pH of solid tumors is acidic due to increased fermentative metabolism and poor circulation of fluids in and out of the cell. It has been hypothesized that acid pH promotes local invasive growth and metastasis. “In support of the functional importance of our findings, oral administration of sodium bicarbonate was sufficient to increase peritumoral pH (pH surrounding the tumor) and inhibit tumor growth and local invasion in a preclinical model, supporting the acid-mediated invasion hypothesis (fermentation of sugars to form invasive cancers). As expected, alkaline forming sodium bicarbonate increases the extracellular pH shrinking the tumor! (3)

Stemming from multiple academic disciplines, and both theoretical and empirical evidence-based research, the authors of this 2006 study using a nuclear medicine procedure found that   increased acid production due to altered glucose metabolism (fermentation) serves as a key intermediate by producing H (+) acid flow into adjacent normal tissue. Tumor cells evolve resistance to acid-induced toxicity during the initiation of cancer formation allowing them to survive and proliferate in low pH microenvironments. This permits them to invade the damaged adjacent normal tissue despite the acid gradients. In vivo (living) experiments confirm the presence of peritumoral acid gradients, as well as cellular toxicity and extracellular (outside the cell) matrix degradation in the normal tissue exposed to the acidic microenvironment. The acid-mediated tumor invasion model provides a simple mechanism linking altered glucose metabolism with the ability of tumor cells to form invasive cancers. This basically provides strong evidence linking excessive acidity to the initiation and progression of tumor growth and well as metastasis via glucose fermentation! (4)