September 7th, 2017 - Brian Maguire

The determining factor separating health from disease can be measured by pH. Elongated disruption, absence, or deviation from normal pH levels in the body greatly increases the probability of disease manifestation! In today’s exceptionally toxic world, the most common interference with this balance is a condition known as non-clinical or latent acidosis. This refers to the excess accumulation of acids in body fluids and tissues. If it helps you to understand the concept of pH better, inflammation and acidosis are like kissing cousins, one feeds the other. Acidosis or inflammation is a catalyst that begins the degenerative disease process!

Continuously increased levels of acidity are HIGHLY intrusive and irritating to body tissues and disrupt internal system functioning. Accumulating acidic waste increases inflammation in organs, joints, and tendons, gradually elevating to more chronic degenerative conditions on a systemic level. As acid levels increase, the body’s detoxification systems (especially the kidneys) are not able to process all that excessive acidic waste. The blood then holds less oxygen, which means less oxygen to the tissues. Accumulating acidity then gets deposited in places throughout the body, like the vulnerable joints, arteries, interstitial fluids, the brain, and other organ systems. At the very least, these acids accumulate in the fat cells which causes the body to HOLD onto more fat. Acidic inflammatory conditions impair the immune system, breaking down the complicated protective mechanisms that insure your health!

High acid inflammatory conditions left unresolved deplete the body’s alkaline reserves and wear out its buffering systems. This forces the body to rob minerals from organs, bones, muscles, and teeth in an attempt to balance the blood’s pH levels to keep you alive! At this point, oxygen levels in the fluids and tissues are reduced, causing further acidity and greatly increasing the likelihood of metabolic disease development. In this dangerously acidic environment, the enzymes involved in every biochemical process in the body are jeopardized and less active. In turn, energy production, tissue repair and maintenance, all hormone activity, cell division and communication, thought processing, and other body functions operate at limited capacity. Now the body is much more susceptible to chronic fatigue, lowered libido, depression, obesity, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, osteoporosis, pancreatitis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, all forms of cancer, and just about EVERY disease imaginable for that matter!

Over-acidification of bodily fluids and cells resulting from poor diets, sedentary lifestyles, and increasingly intrusive environmental factors, influence the development of all pain and illness. Unfortunately, the orthodox medical establishment sees acidosis only as a symptom of a current disease state, instead of considering that acidosis is the root cause or underlying factor that contributes to all conditions and diseases!