June 30th, 2017 - Brian Maguire

There are MANY factors involved that steer people’s bodies to move towards the acidic side. Unfortunately, in this day and age, the human body is exposed to a vast array of extremely high levels of environmental toxins, and that is not an exaggeration. People’s diets are full of nutrient deficient, poor quality, toxin laden, highly oxidized fats, and high sugar foods. Most lack consistent proper supplementation, and cleansing practices as well.

Add to this, persistent toxic thoughts and negative emotions, ridiculously high stress levels, and the fact that people are not exercising routinely or staying active enough. Also, most lack conscious focus and don’t employ meditation practices to ease the mind and body. All of these factors contribute to an overly acidic, unbalanced pH, and need to be addressed if you desire to attain wellness and the BEST quality of life.

Without sufficient unbiased knowledge from websites like this one, and initiating conscious minded disciplinary action, disease prevention can be a nearly impossible task. These life shaping principles should be foundational and a part of our children’s curriculum, but unfortunately they are not as of yet. Most of us were simply not holistically educated in any way, but heavily influenced by a broken conventional system.

As parents and as children growing up, we did not know that our thought patterns and the food we ate had such a powerful impact on our health and well-being! We accepted the false notion that most disease was hereditary or a twist of fate. Upon reacting to an illness we were led to believe that drugs and surgery were the only course of action. Many of us are physically and emotionally addicted to food. These unhealthy eating and drinking habits are then passed on to our children in an unconscious traditional manor. Although still censored in mainstream media, there is a lot of information available now online, in magazines, and through word of mouth about the dangers of being overweight, and the benefits of whole foods, proper supplementation, cleansing, resistance training, walking, yoga, meditation, and many other healing modalities.

In the current era, the incidence of disease is exceedingly high, and who’s to blame? Doctors? Parents? The government? The pharmaceutical industry? Greedy manufacturers? The truth is that you can probably blame all of the above. Like most people, you are not properly informed, but rather mislead, and deceived. Yet ultimately, YOU are the one that has to deal with the potential misfortune of developing some type of illness if you do not educate yourself and make more conscious minded decisions based on your acquired knowledge.

Besides being misinformed, and the fact that the toxic chemicals and sugar in some of these foods can be as addictive as cocaine, there are oftentimes some level of self-sabotage and straight up denial involved. In all honesty, myself, as well as everyone else reading this, can attest to that! Becoming conscious and aware of your behavior is the first step to managing it. Trusting in the powers of authority, whose main intention is to make a profit off you, may not be the optimal choice to make as far as your health and overall well-being is concerned.

Lets face the FACTS. Health care is a business after all, and if people aren’t getting sick, they make far less money! Big Pharma can’t make a profit if you’re not sick or managing an illness, and the pharmaceutical industry is fed by corporate food giants that make a major contribution to the toxic food supply that allows your body to become tired and sick. Although it may not have been maliciously planned out that way from the start, somewhere along the line money, power, and greed, which breeds ignorance, took precedence over the individual concerns of the patient and consumer.

Instead of conforming to a broken system let’s work to change it through education and increased awareness. It’s time to be part of the solution, not the problem! It’s YOUR body, and no one should or will care more about its condition than you… Your health, your choice, and ultimately YOUR responsibility!